Am I Too Old To Be An Escort?

Admin | 14 Mar 2017 - 05:17
Am I Too Old To Be An Escort?

Most adverts for escorts will lead you to believe that the escort business is for young, slender girls but that is not very true. Mature escorts exist and there are a lot more than you may want to believe. Even better, mature escorts also have just as much clients as the young pretty girls do. Believe it or not, it is common to find women of certain age tapping on to the escort business and doing very well even after having children and seen a good chunk of life.

Usually, middle aged women have been through many life experiences and lived long enough to be comfortable in their skin. At this age, women have fewer romantic ideal about sex and related experiences and this attitude and comfort is what attracts a huge amount of clients. This is why you will always hear people say older women are sexy and upper attractive, its comes from their confidence and that makes them great lovers.

Not to take away anything from young escorts, but there are many younger escorts in the market than there are mature escorts. The competition is very higher in the young age groups and that can affect the income dynamics which results in them doing more for less. The mature escorts have a certain appeal to clients that can see them matching and even exceeding the income made by younger girls, all that is needed is the perfect advert accompanied with a well written profile and good photos. There are some escorts well into their fifties who are still making incredible income from the business.

Imagine yourself, a healthy and sexy 45-year-old with a well taken care of body, in a sea of 25 year olds, chances are very high that you will be pushing away clients and bookings while the young girls strive to get a booking because of the competition. Age should not stop you from attempting a career in the escort business. Being a MILF makes you stand out from all those young slender girls and that should be your marketing strategy if you decide to become an escort after your 30s.

One other advantage you have as a mature escort is that you will not meet many jerks and abusive clients, these type of clients will go for the younger escorts so they can boss them around and take advantage of them. Being older commands respect, you wont be meeting those disrespecting men who tend to cross the line, that is the advantage mature escorts enjoy.

One thing though that mature escorts do not like is that you are constantly expected to deliver an excellent service unlike the younger escorts who can get away with a below par service just because of their young bodies. But this shouldn’t be a stumbling block anyway because as an escort you just have to give your best service every time, that’s the ethic of the profession and you should make it your career objective. Clients that book older escorts usually have very high expectations, they expect great conversation, excellent bed skills and above all they want to come out of the night feeling like they got all their money’s worth, that’s what you have to live with if you are a mature escort but that’s not really a problem if you enjoy what you do.

Remember, you should not lie about your age and always make it a point to work out and keep fit. You shouldn’t have a problem scoring high paying clients.

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