How Do Escorts Screen Clients?

Admin | 13 Mar 2017 - 08:36
How Do Escorts Screen Clients?

Screening escort clients is a very tiresome but necessary step. Before an escort can engage with a client they need check out the client first and make sure they clear all safety check points. Here are some reasons why you need to verify a client:

  1. Safety check

One thing everyone agrees on is that they do not want to be out in the middle of the night with a serial killer or a rapist, or a person who is harmful in any way. You need to know that you will be safe alone with a client and that they will not rob you or run away with your property. You need to verify the client first before meeting them and have at least one discrete person who knows where you are and who you are with whenever you go out for a booking.

  1. Weed out time wasters

Before you can engage with a client and prepare for their booking you need to make sure that the client is real and not one of those people who are just going to waste your time. From the first contact with a client you begin to verify their identity and cross check with other escorts to see whether the client has been blacklisted or not.

  1. Law enforcement

Some agents can pose as clients so they can sting you, this is rare in the escort business but its something that you should always be aware of and check out before engaging with a client.

So these are the main reasons why you should screen your clients before engaging with them and taking their booking. Just in case you are wondering, there are some ways of screening a client and they have proved to work for many escorts:

  1. Name and phone number

The first and easiest way to check a client is through their name and phone number. This is a standard routine for all escorts and clients, when a potential client calls for the first time you should ask for their name and phone number then quickly do a reverse phone check to see if they are who they say you are. Depending on the phone number you can even get their address which you keep for safety purposes. Try to get small details like whether they are calling you with a home phone or from the office, keep this information for safety reasons.

  1. Verify their place of work

During the first contact with the client its standard that you ask what the client does for a leaving and try to get some details about their place of work without actually getting some personal information. This information can help you eliminate law enforcement agents and weed out potential time wasters.

  1. Reference with other escorts

Another way to look into a client is to cross check them with other escorts. Escorts have black lists where they mention clients to stay away from, go through the black list and verify if the client is on it or not. It is also useful to check with some escorts who have been with the client just so you can know what kind of person they are and what services they like.

  1. Internet checks

The final step of screening escort clients involves snooping around the internet, you can use the email they used to contact you their name and phone number to check social networks and online presence. This will help you verify whether all the information the client gave you checks out or not. You can also get some insights on what kind of person they are before you decide if you want to book them or not.

Remember to blacklist a client if you uncover something bad or disturbing about them, escorts look out for each other and so should you.

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