My Dirty Little Mind!!

Amie | 04 Oct 2017 - 18:11
My Dirty Little Mind!!

I have so many fantasies and things that turn me on, some are to embarrassing to even admit that the thought crossed my allegedly sick mind. In reality who would believe that my smart, educated , classy ass would ever even entertain some sick perverted thoughts in my pretty little head? That's just it my little head wants to meet your head, and play with it. Is it just me or does the word HEAD make you horny? There are words that when I hear them I get turned on, I can not be the only one who this happens to or am I? It must be an embarrassing subject for everyone to admit this so I will be the first, I will share the words that turn me on. I am not normal so bear with me the list might be extensive and equally as intense so sensitive readers might want to go to the next blog? On second thought that might not be a good idea either so just read on and let your mind meet mine in the gutter! LOL Be daring just imagine what I am thinking when I hear these words....

squat, kitty, back door, deeper, girth, throat, nipple, nibble, lick, hand cuffs, rim, booty, hot, wet, wild, soft, hard, moist, friction, in, out, face, sit, bend, behind, finger, suck, open, legs, jock, strap, bang, force, bi, three, French, Greek, 69, doggy, penetration, lubrication, fortification, long, erect, glory, hole, bone, hit that, balls, grudge, strange, DP, bareback, hung, sprung, rubbing, grinding, pee pee, hooters, sausage, cock, reverse cowgirl, spinner, MILF, cougar, orgy, swingers, train, gang, bang, south, easy, loose, tight, role play, couple friendly, water sports, tie up, blind fold, multiple, g-spot, squirt, cum, facial, cream pie, cuckold, pussy, golden, showers, anal, swallow, spit, book store, amateur, bestiality, incest, forbidden, tap out, cock holster, arousal, tea-bag, atm, oreo, etc....etc...

That is just a short list which I will be adding to regularly of why life can be HARD to HANDLE.             Amie xoxoxox


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